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Personal Shopping and Styling

Straight to the point. We want to make the fashion aspect of your life something you don't need to worry about. We want you to look good with minimal effort and we get that. Hell, as guys, we also want the same thing. 


We also understand that you don't need to spend an arm and a leg to dress well. It's not always about big labels and the most expensive brands, there is a difference between fashion and style. We can help you understand that. 

First thing to do is to get in contact either by email or phone where you can elaborate on what you need and how we can help. We also love grabbing a coffee or beer in the city to discuss in person. Shopping lists, budgets, brands and locations are the first things like to breakdown. 


If you feel like your wardrobe has become a little tired, needs to be refreshed, dated, or needs to be completely replaced then you have come to the right place. 




1. Wardrobe Audit


The wardrobe audit is complimentary to our services and can be used as part of your styling session. We believe it is an essential part to the service and can only highly recommend. 

Every client is different and this process allows us to understand where our clients come from and what they need. Sometimes there are simple upgrades to be made, items to be donated or complete wardrobes to be completely thrown out. 

We work with local charities such as Wear for Success and the Brotherhood of Saint Laurence, when it comes to appropriately donating clothing. 

2. Shopping and Styling Session

Primarily based in the CBDs of Melbourne and Sydney, we go check off our shopping list and work through our plan developed in our prior communication. 

We determine what stores and brands are best for your style and budget. We won't make you buy things you don't feel comfortable in but will push certain things if we are truly convinced it's a must have. 

We focus on fit, quality and versatility. 

3. ​Review and Consolidate

We can now consolidate everything into your new or existing wardrobe. 

A breakdown of our session will be sent to you and stored in our database for future use. We like to keep a close relationship with our clients so never hesitate to get in contact to ask questions or have a good yarn. 


Looking to purchase a gift certificate? Feel free to get in contact or purchase through our store.