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A woman is wearing an emerald engagement band


You could also include a splash of colour on your engagement ring using an emerald gem. Emeralds symbolize the idea of renewal and rebirth. Therefore, they could be symbol of the beginning of your life as a couple used as an engagement ring. It is also linked to the spring time and is a perfect choice for couples planning the spring wedding. Lab Grown Diamond RIngs In India .

The bright green hue of this gem is strikingly gorgeous in a white or platinum gold setting. Emeralds appear sleek and modern when set with silver-colored metals. On the other hand, they look more warm and classic in yellow gold settings.


Sapphires are available in a broad variety of stunning shades, yet many are only aware of blue sapphires. No matter what color they are usually linked to romance and loyalty that are the two foundations of a marriage that are successful. Thus an engagement ring made of sapphire is a symbol of a couple's commitment to love and faithfulness.

The most well-known engagement rings around the globe is a vivid blue-colored sapphire. Prince William engaged to Kate Middleton with an 18-carat sapphire engagement ring, which was was originally owned by his mother princess Diana. This shows that engagement rings made of sapphire are perfect for royal engagements!

Sapphires look great in platinum or white gold settings, but they can be also available in settings that are vintage-inspired in yellow gold.


The ancient cultures believed keeping the gemstone topaz close to them would boost their power and good fortune. Some believe that topaz could ensure longevity and a healthy lifestyle. Based on these assumptions, it's easy to understand why so many women opt for engagement rings made of topaz.

There are a variety of shades of topaz. Brown, orange, yellow and other warm-colored gemstones are best viewed in gold-plated settings with yellow gold. Light blue, pink, and violet topaz stones will be noticed in platinum or white gold setting. Numerous shades of this gem can also be used in settings with rose gold.


The amethyst is a traditional anniversary present for the 6th wedding anniversary Many brides opt to include this gem in their engagement rings so that they can avoid waiting for this important anniversary.

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