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Creating valuable backlinks is a core technique to bag perfect off-site SEO results. Backlinks are the way Google determines the rank of your website on google. If the number of links is better than the other, your site will rank higher than others. But it's not just the numbers; Google looks into the quality of the linked content only. Links from a domain having a higher authority ranking is much higher than the lower authority domain.

Two key elements are Natural Links and self-promotion. Natural links may be uncontrollable and not lie within your reach. For instance, if your blog or article content is loved, it can be shared by other bloggers on their domain. This happens if your content piece is valuable and shareable. And the second one is self-promotion, where you can ask the respective blog editor to share your article of content on their blog domain.


Well, structured landing pages will increase lead generations, opening gateways to more users on different internal pages. Not only is the homepage important, try to make all the inner pages attractive and useful. Making all the pages as landing pages can initiate some strong relationships.

Some critical tips for making good landing pages :

1. Make the respective content very useful and exciting, so people stay on the page for a long time.

2. Lessor no navigation

3. Other actions like downloadable action, or download lead magnet.


One of the most famous and best ways for doing off-site SEO, even though it requires an out of the way effort. But committing SEO this way helps in the visibility of the site. Today almost a million people scroll through social media simultaneously, which means the audience is available but are you making a move to approach and divert them to your website. It seems like a golden opportunity, right?

You can divert them if they are interested in your content, product, or service. Social media can be a great platform to perform Off-site SEO techniques.

Some key element on social media for extraordinary off-site SEO results:

1. Link your everyday blog content on social media

2. Post content that people love on your social media

3. Interact with other influencers and ask for guest posts for cross-way connection.


People tend to interact and share their stuff on forums nowadays; it is trending. They post questions, and some other stranger answers them; they interact and share stories among themselves. This way has proven beneficial for many brand sites, where people question specific brand or product reviews, and people answer them honestly.

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