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Man-made diamonds are now produced in greater quantities and are more widely available in a variety of colours and shapes. Man-made diamonds are priced 30-60% lower than natural diamonds. Those selling these diamonds must make it clear to the consumer that they are not natural diamonds by labelling them as synthetic, lab grown diamond growers, man made, or created.

When comparing lab grown diamonds to natural diamonds, the difference is not in appearance. Because lab grown diamonds are made of crystallised carbon, they have the same appearance as natural diamonds and the same physical, chemical, and optical properties. However, lab-grown diamonds are man-made; they did not form naturally in the earth. And here's why that distinction is significant. Because lab-grown diamonds are less rare than natural diamonds, they are much less expensive.

Diamonds have been Lab Created Diamonds Manufacturer man for decades, but only in the last five years have they been commercially viable for use in jewellery. Until then, most diamonds were produced for industrial purposes and lacked the size, clarity, and affordability that would make them suitable for jewellery use.

HPHT (high pressure, high temperature) or CVD (chemical vapour deposition) are the two methods used to create synthetic diamonds (chemical vapour deposition). HPHT mimics the environment within the earth that naturally creates diamonds by using extreme temperatures and pressure. In a vacuum chamber similar to a microwave, CVD diamonds manufacturer feeds energised gases onto a substrate. Diamond crystals form in a few weeks under these controlled conditions. They show evidence of the factory conditions under which they were formed on the inside. Color zoning, metallic inclusions, weak strain patterns, and ultraviolet fluorescence colours are all visible in lab-grown diamonds.

Best Lab Grown Diamond Manufacturer are cut and polished in the same way that natural diamonds are after the rough is created. However, because lab-grown diamonds are not rigorously graded for a cut in the same way that natural diamonds are, they are not cut to the same standards and proportions for maximum light performance.

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