Personal Shopping and Styling

Overhaul Session

This is an extensive service that usually get's broken over a few weeks. Every session consists of a wardrobe audit as it is deemed necessary for the overall success of the sessions. 

Our sessions are determined by the amount of items we need to purchase to completely overhaul ones wardrobe. Usually consisting of three, three hour sessions, a trip to the tailor, our alterations guy also with skin and hair care regimes added to your routine. 

Mainly for clients who need to completely redo their wardrobe. We set up a solid base, inject accenting pieces and set you up for the current season as well as preparing for the coming one. 

 - $2500

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Work Day Shopping Session

Our Work Day shopping session consists of two, three hour shopping sessions. Either consistently in one day with a lunch break or broken into two separate sessions. We also offer our wardrobe audit to the service. 

Mainly for clients who feel as if their wardrobe has become a bit tired and looking to refresh. We help set up a solid base whilst injecting accent pieces that really determine your style. 

Our shopping list usually consists of 15-20 items. 

 - $1000 

Quick Shop Session

Our Quick Shop session consists of three hours of shopping with an option to add a wardrobe audit to the service. 

Mainly for clients who are traveling, want to be directed in a particular direction or just need to get a a number of outfits. 

Shopping list usually consists of 8-10 items.


 - $450

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Editorial and Commercial Styling

Along with our personal shopping and styling service. We also lend our talents to editorial and commercial styling. Everything from magazine or brand campaigns, look books, music videos, or advertising work, we work hard to showcase the best of our abilities. You can see our projects in the Journal section of our website. For enquiries, please contact us below. Cheers.