Where do we shop?

Each client is different, hence we tailor our shops to particular stores or brands that work best for you. We take into account budget also. We find that CBD's are best to get the most access for our time. Some of our favorite brands we work with are Incu, Up There, P. Johnson, Swensk, Masons, Uniqlo and Double Monk. Again we tailor each shop to our clients, so it's different each time. 

How much do i budget for?

Every client is different and therefore we work closely with you to figure out how to spend your money in a more efficient way. We wouldn't recommend a budget lower then our fee. 

What is a wardrobe audit?

This is our chance to help organize your current wardrobe, clean out some of the tired clothes and allows us to build a more personal shopping list. It also allows us to understand our clients more. 

Are clothes included in the price?

Clothes are not included in the price. That is purely our consulting fee. However we o receive VIP discounts at select stores which saves us money in the long run. 

How long are the shopping sessions? 

Our shopping sessions are broken into three hour blocks. We believe this is the optimum time before we begin to lose focus, get hungry or need a beer.